12 Felony Counts of Insurance Fraud Dismissed

Client, a college student, was hired by a personal injury law firm to perform clerical tasks. Client worked at the firm for one year before earning his accounting degree.  Once he received his accounting degree, he obtained employment in the accounting department of a large corporation.  Four years after leaving the law firm, client was arrested along with the lawyer (his former employer), two chiropractors, and one capper. Client was charged with 12 felony counts of insurance fraud.  Client’s bail was set at $415,000.00.  Unbeknownst to the client, the law firm was engaged in staging auto accidents and filing fraudulent insurance claims over a span of years before and after his employment culminating in a loss of over $500,000.00 to the insurance companies. The Madrid Law Firm battled with the DA for all the documentary evidence, which culminated in the production of thousands of pages that had to be downloaded on a 4TB External Hard Drive.

Notwithstanding that all the evidence failed to produce one scintilla of incriminating evidence against our client, the DA refused to dismiss. Erica continued preparing for battle relentlessly. A month before the preliminary hearing, the DA offered a misdemeanor plea to one count of insurance fraud. On the advice of Erica, client rejected the offer. It was battle stations. At the commencement of the preliminary hearing, the DA threw in the towel and dismissed the case.

The outcome of your case depends upon who is in your corner fighting for your rights. From start to finish, it took Erica 2.5 years to get the case dismissed. Client was ecstatic over the results. See attached video.