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Grand Theft and Petty Theft

There is a lot that can be at stake after an arrest for a theft crime. Depending on the number of goods that were stolen, your penalties can range from a misdemeanor charge to a serious felony. There are two types of commonly charged theft crimes; grand theft and petty theft. While both of these crimes are considered theft crimes, their punishments and penalties can be very different.

Grand Theft
Under California Penal Code 487, the illegal taking of any property in access of $950 can be charged as grand theft. Common crimes include grand theft auto and grand theft firearm.

Petty Theft
Also known as shoplifting, this crime is the illegal taking of any property under $950 and is often charged as a misdemeanor but has the potential to be elevated to a felony.

Whether you were charged with a grand theft crime or a petty theft crime, it is absolutely imperative that you work with an attorney who can aggressively defend your rights. Even if you are "guilty" of this crime, you still deserve to be treated fairly and we can help ensure that you do.

Burglary, Robbery, and Shoplifting

Theft crime laws are a broad umbrella encompassing many different areas of law. Other commonly charged theft crimes include burglary, robbery and the receiving of stolen property. If you have been arrested and charged with auto burglary, embezzlement, carjacking or any other kind of breaking and entering or illegal taking of someone else's property, Madrid Law Firm can help you. These charges can carry years in prison, heavy fines, and restitution to the victims and probation.

Our firm can help defend you against these charges and possibly acquit or reduce your convictions. We approach each case as if it were going to court; so you can rest assured that you will be receiving outstanding legal representation for your case.

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