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Three-Strikes Cases

Did you know that one in four inmates in California is serving time in state prison under the three-strikes law? Three-strikes assumes that if you are found guilty of committing the same criminal act, whether a misdemeanor or a felony, three or more times you may be sentenced heavily. Even something as simple as shoplifting, occurring more than three times in a seven month period, can land you with a life sentence. There are many people who are wrongfully punished for simple crimes and are placed in prison with devastating long sentences.

Our legal team understands that there is a lot on the line. No matter how long it has been since your prior arrest or what your prior arrest was for, you need to obtain an aggressive attorney to ensure that you receive a fair trial. The California three-strikes law is incredibly harsh and leaves little "wiggle room" to try to get out on a lesser charge. The California prison population is increasing each year and even simple offenses can place you in prison. If you have been arrested two or more times, it is important that you work with a Chino criminal lawyer from Madrid Law Firm.

How does it work?

Three-strike law is triggered easily. Any felony, not just violent crimes, can trigger a strike against your record. If you commit three consecutive felonies you may see harsh outcomes; such as life in prison for shoplifting. There are many arguments against the three-strike law, including forcing taxpayers to aid non-violent criminals who pose no threat to the general public. Arguments that say that the three-strike rule violates the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution are common as well. California's three-strike rule leaves no room for counseling or redemption and can lead you to face years in prison for a simple crime.

If you have been arrested, and this is not your first offense, you need to ensure that you are receiving competent and quality representation - your future is on the line!

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