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Our Chino civil rights lawyers at The Madrid Law Firm are involved in protecting the rights of those who have been a victim of police misconduct or other civil rights violations. Law enforcement is restricted from the use of excessive force when attempting to arrest, detain or subdue any person. If you have been the victim of police misconduct, namely, falsely and wrongfully arrested, assaulted and battered, subjected to the use of excessive force, or wrongfully accused of a crime, we can evaluate your claim and determine whether you have a viable case against law enforcement.

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Types of Damages in Cases of Civil Rights Violations or Police Brutality

Cases of serious injury or death must be managed with extreme care and the highest level of professionalism. We are a highly skilled father-daughter attorney team, and we are extremely competent, experienced and successful.

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  • “They were very professional, but, still made me feel like a family member!”
    I recently had a DUI, and didn’t know what my options were. I called Eduardo and Erica Madrid, and the had my back in an instant! They helped me understand my rights and guided me through the entire ordeal! They were very professional, but, still made me feel like a family member! Always keeping me informed of changes in my case! Life is great now! Thanks to all the Madrid Law firm, from the minute I walked in, to the second I walked out, I knew things would be good!
    - Juan G.
  • “I never got the feeling I was bugging her-- and that matters when determining your attorney!”
    This review is for Erica at Madrid Law Firm. Without getting too into my DUI case, I had a special circumstance conviction. She was able to get me the best possible deal from the DA. I truly believe that! Felony dropped to a misdemeanor, bail amount decreased. She was very informative and responded in a timely matter. It was never difficult to reach her and she took the time to explain all my questions. I never got the feeling I was bugging her-- and that matters when determining your attorney! She knows what she is doing, took care of all the DMV matters for me. I highly recommend her, very trustworthy!!
    - Alyssa J.
  • “If I had to describe The Madrid Law Firm in one word it would definitely be FAMILY.”
    It was a Sunday morning, I was in my restroom, in tears, scared, lost and clueless when someone gave me the number to Ed Madrid. I immediately called, not knowing what to say, what to ask, or even if someone would answer (it was Sunday). Ed answered very politely, friendly and caring. He right away gave me comfort and walked me through what we needed to do to get on top of everything. My brother was charged with a very serious drug case, where he was facing 25 years to life. Never had we had to deal with anything remotely close to this so my family and I were scared, confused and saddened. When I walked in to meet with Ed and his daughter Erica, they right away made me feel welcomed and comfortable. They were very honest in giving me the information and at the same time caring as it wasn't easy to hear what my brother and my family would have to face in the process. We had millions of questions and it never mattered what time it was, Ed always answered and explained everything thoroughly. Initially my brother was facing 25 to life for the severity of the charge, Ed and Erica were able to drop it down to 7 – 9 years and, in the final sentencing, they brought it down to 5 years. My brother has currently served half of his sentence and The Madrid Law Firm has never stopped checking up on my family and I to make sure we are all doing ok. In March there was a sentence reduction amendment sent to congress that would benefit my brother, if passed. Ed is already on it! He's giving me the information and is ready to move forward as soon as the law is passed. I always had the impression that attorneys would be sneaky, take your money and when the case was closed they were done and that was the end of the story. Not with The Madrid Law Firm, they always stay in contact and make you feel like you're dealing with family. Thank you Ed for all your patience, your help and your friendship. My family and I will be forever grateful for all your help.
    - N.M.
  • “You made every effort to make this process easier for me, since I was out of the state and I greatly appreciate that.”
    Mr. Madrid, I would like to thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to my case. You made every effort to make this process easier for me, since I was out of the state and I greatly appreciate that. Please let everyone who worked on my case that I am thankful for their work! I will definitely pass your name along, to anyone who may need your services. I wish you the best in your business. Sincerely, D.C.
    - D.C.

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