White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crime Lawyer in Chino

White collar crimes are non-violent crimes committed by business-minded people for monetary gain. If you have committed a white collar act, you may be facing federal investigations, months if not years in prison and steep fines and restitution. If you have already been arrested, or you know that an investigation is in imminent, it can be to your benefit to contact Madrid Law Firm. If you are facing any of the following offenses, get in touch with a Chino criminal lawyer today.

  • Fraud 
    Credit card fraud, money fraud or any deception intentionally committed by a person for personal gain is considered fraud.
  • Embezzlement 
    Withholding assets for the purpose of theft and monetary gain is considered embezzlement. Embezzlement can be considered a form of financial fraud.
  • Counterfeiting 
    Illegal imitation of products, money, checks or documents is called counterfeiting. This deception can be considered a type of fraud and you may face serious consequences.
  • Tax Evasion 
    Paying taxes are required of every American citizen. Evading taxes is illegal and can be committed by individuals, corporations and any other entity required to pay taxes. This is a federal offense.
  • Copyright Infringement 
    Piracy of movies, music or products can be considered copyright infringement. The unauthorized use of anything that holds copyrights is illegal and can be heavily penalized.
  • Cyber Crime 
    In today's cyber world, internet crimes, fraud, forgery, embezzlement, and other various white collar crimes can all be committed via a computer. An attorney can guide you in the right legal direction should you be charged with a computer crime.

Do you Need an Attorney?

The nature of non-violent crimes requires extensive research, investigation and multiple federal agencies cooperation. An investigation of a white collar crime can be detrimental to your reputation, career, and social life. If you are being accused of committing a white collar crime, you need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Our dedicated and aggressive legal team has the tools and experience to represent you against a criminal offense.

Contact our firm today to speak with a white collar crime attorney in Chino and to schedule a free case evaluation.


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