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Did your loved one die due to an act of negligence? You have the right to sue for damages.

At The Madrid Law Firm, our father-daughter team of attorneys is heavily involved in seeking justice for families who have lost a loved one due to an act of negligence. Whether your case involves a death in a car accident, in police custody, through the use of a dangerous product or any other form of negligence, we are ready to get your case into motion.

Damages in a wrongful death case extends to financial losses, often with medical costs prior to death, loss of income from a breadwinner for the family, funeral costs and other direct losses. There is also the issue of pain and suffering, which is part of any wrongful death claim.

Our goal is to help you to seek justice for the losses you have experienced, and this is achieved through a claim for compensation. If there is any attempt to reduce the value of your wrongful death claim, or avoid paying a reasonable settlement, we will move forward with a civil action and take the case to a jury for a decision. We are trial lawyers that carefully prepare every case, so that it trial-ready should it be necessary.

Our Successes

Here are some of our cases that we have successfully secured compensation for our clients and their families:

Recently, we represented the families of two men that died in an automobile accident. The Madrid Law Firm sought compensation for the loss of these two husbands and fathers of their children. The heirs are entitled to compensation for all medical, funeral expenses and loss of earning and earning capacity. Team Madrid continues to fight for their families.

We represented a widow who lost her husband when he was operating a scissors-lift. While the husband was on the scissors-lift, the lift tilted and fell causing the husband to fall and be crushed to death between the lift and a wall. Team Madrid sought compensation for all of her pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and future loss of the husband’s earnings and earning capacity.

Result: Case settled for seven figures before trial.

Team Madrid represented the family of an individual who died in an electrical explosion at work. The electrical room was a makeshift death trap. It was an explosion waiting to happen. The employer conceded to multiple OSHA violations.

Result: Case settled for seven figures.

Team Madrid represented the wife of an individual who was injured at a bakery. The individual received a contusion to his shoulder. Afterwards, the contusion became progressively worse and the individual developed necrotizing fasciitis, which is a severe infection. As a result of this severe infection, the individual died. Team Madrid was able to recover compensation for his widow and children despite the negligible impact that originally caused the contusion.

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