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Will I Lose My License?

California DUI (DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE) laws are very serious. The penalty for these charges can carry jail time, heavy fines and license restrictions, suspensions or revocations. The laws are more severe if this is a second or third time DUI or if the DUI involved an accident causing injuries or death, which would be a felony.

If you are arrested for a DUI, your first step is hiring an experienced DUI criminal defense trial attorney immediately to protect and defend your rights. Here’s how the Madrid Law Firm can help you:

  1. We prepare all cases as if we are going to trial. The advantage is that we examine and prepare all aspects of the case and have it ready to present to a jury, which enables us to effectively address all issues with the prosecuting attorney long before the case is ever set for trial. If the district attorney refuses to acknowledge your defenses, we will then be ready to proceed to trial.
  2. To protect your Drivers’ License, the Madrid Law Firm will request a hearing with the DMV within ten (10) days following your arrest. If you do not make this request within this time period, you waive your rights to this DMV hearing, which will result in an automatic license suspension.
  3. At the DMV hearing, the Madrid Law Firm lawyers examine whether the peace officer had reasonable cause to believe you were driving a motor vehicle in violation of California Vehicle Code §§23140, 23152 or 23153, whether you were lawfully arrested and whether you were driving under the influence of alcohol when you had a .08% or more by weight of alcohol in your blood. The testimony adduced at this hearing can aid in your defense of the DUI charge in the criminal court.
  4. The Madrid Law Firm lawyers will make all court appearances on your behalf so that you won’t have to waste time going back and forth to court or lose time from work with the exception of felony matters, which require your appearance.
  5. The Madrid Law Firm lawyers will investigate all aspects of your case, including, but limited to, the stop, detention and arrest, field sobriety tests, the PAS tests and chemical tests administered and corresponding results.
  6. The Madrid Law Firm lawyers will file pretrial motions, such as discovery, suppression and any other motions necessary to protect your statutory and constitutional rights.
  7. If the matter proceeds to trial, you will have the benefit of a combined 60+ years of experience in your corner.
  8. Most of all, you speak and deal with the Madrid Law Firm lawyers and not their support staff. You will truly enjoy and appreciate an attorney/client relationship.

You Need an Attorney!

If you have been arrested for a DUI, whether a misdemeanor or felony, Call the Madrid Law Firm immediately. Time is of the essence! Justice delayed is justice denied.

Do not hesitate to contact our firm today to speak with a Chino criminal defense lawyer.

  • “I was always treated professionally at all times by both lawyers and their staff.”
    I was arrested for domestic violence even though I was 100% innocent. I hired the Madrid Law Firm. They immediately assisted my family in securing my release from jail. I was always treated professionally at all times by both lawyers and their staff. My case went to trial. Ms. Erica L. Madrid was my trial lawyer. God sent me an Angel. She never gave up on me. The jury returned a Not Guilty verdict. Thank you Erica for being my Guardian Angel!!
    - R.L.
  • “If I had to describe The Madrid Law Firm in one word it would definitely be FAMILY.”
    It was a Sunday morning, I was in my restroom, in tears, scared, lost and clueless when someone gave me the number to Ed Madrid. I immediately called, not knowing what to say, what to ask, or even if someone would answer (it was Sunday). Ed answered very politely, friendly and caring. He right away gave me comfort and walked me through what we needed to do to get on top of everything. My brother was charged with a very serious drug case, where he was facing 25 years to life. Never had we had to deal with anything remotely close to this so my family and I were scared, confused and saddened. When I walked in to meet with Ed and his daughter Erica, they right away made me feel welcomed and comfortable. They were very honest in giving me the information and at the same time caring as it wasn't easy to hear what my brother and my family would have to face in the process. We had millions of questions and it never mattered what time it was, Ed always answered and explained everything thoroughly. Initially my brother was facing 25 to life for the severity of the charge, Ed and Erica were able to drop it down to 7 – 9 years and, in the final sentencing, they brought it down to 5 years. My brother has currently served half of his sentence and The Madrid Law Firm has never stopped checking up on my family and I to make sure we are all doing ok. In March there was a sentence reduction amendment sent to congress that would benefit my brother, if passed. Ed is already on it! He's giving me the information and is ready to move forward as soon as the law is passed. I always had the impression that attorneys would be sneaky, take your money and when the case was closed they were done and that was the end of the story. Not with The Madrid Law Firm, they always stay in contact and make you feel like you're dealing with family. Thank you Ed for all your patience, your help and your friendship. My family and I will be forever grateful for all your help.
    - N.M.
  • “Collectively they go the extra mile and are very confident in what they do.”
    We have used Madrid Lawfirm for years, most recently a car accident resulting in severe injuries. Both Ed and Erica are true professionals in every sense of the word, not to mention ethical and responsive. Collectively they go the extra mile and are very confident in what they do. Always looking out for your best interest and to provide you with the highest quality representation. Without question we will not only continue to use them both for all our needs but continue recommending them to those around us.
    - Ryan H.
  • “She was very informative and knowledgeable about my DUI case.”
    Erica, was very helpful and accommodating. She was very informative and knowledgeable about my DUI case. She informed me of all my options. She was prompt and on top of my case. She kept me informed every step of the way and gave me a heads up on what was to come and what to expect. Her staff is friendly and courteous and always greeted me with a smile.
    - Veronica T.

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