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Our Chino civil rights lawyer at The Madrid Law Firm is involved in protecting the rights of those who have been a victim of police misconduct or other civil rights violations. Law enforcement is restricted from the use of excessive force when attempting to arrest, detain or subdue any person. Although the topic of what constitutes excessive force can be argued by defense lawyers representing an officer or officers, we are all aware that certain members of the police force take advantage of the position of authority and inflict harm.

Police abuse or police misconduct cases can be difficult to resolve. It is extremely urgent that you contact our legal team at once if you have been a victim of police brutality. The time limits on filing a claim make it imperative that we act quickly if you hope to seek justice and be paid for the violation of your civil rights through an act of excessive force or police brutality.

If you have been subjected to acts of excessive force, we will help you seek a settlement from the city. We can negotiate a settlement, or take the case to court if there is no reasonable offer presented to us after submitting a claim. Our focus on the details and on case preparation has proven to be a distinct advantage for our clients. Our cases are submitted with all relevant supporting evidence, including witness statements, medical reports, video evidence, and other data such as the specific officer's history of using excessive force in other incidents. We are well aware of what it takes to win a case of police brutality or other cases of violations of civil rights filed against the city, county or state.

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Types of Damages in Cases of Civil Rights Violations or Police Brutality

The determination of the value of a claim will require a full evaluation of the details in the case. The issues that will come into play and affect the value of a settlement will include the severity of the injuries you suffered, the establishment of proof of intentional wrongdoing by a police officer or officers, the amount of compensation that is allowed under state law, and on how carefully and professionally you are represented by your Chino police misconduct attorney. Cases of serious injury or death must be managed with extreme care and the highest level of professionalism. We are a highly skilled father-daughter attorney team, and we are extremely competent, experienced and successful.

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