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Our civil rights lawyers at The Madrid Law Firm are involved in pursuing the rights of victims of police misconduct, which includes the use of excessive force, wrongful arrest and prosecutions,, false imprisonment, and the wrongful use of dogs, Tasers or batons in subduing or arresting an individual.

Our Successes

Here are some cases that we have successfully recovered compensation for our clients:

Most recently, clients were involved in a road rage incident with an off-duty police officer. The off-duty officer shot the driver three times, one passenger 4 times, and then wrongfully caused their arrest by claiming that he had been the victim. The Madrid Law Firm was retained on the criminal case. After several meeting with the District Attorney, the criminal case was not filed. Team Madrid filed a federal civil rights case followed against the off-duty officer, his police department and City.

Result: Case Settled.

Client was arrested for a DUI with a blood alcohol of .17, .18. The police officer falsely stated in his report the client’s driving pattern and the basis for the stop. Team Madrid filed a suppression motion and criminal case dismissed. Team Madrid filed a federal civil rights action against the police officer, his department and City.

Result: Case settled.

Client and his wife, along with another couple were wrongfully accused of child molestation. After a grueling 6 week preliminary hearing, wherein it was established that accusations were bogus and ensuing arrests were unlawful, the case was dismissed. Team Madrid filed a civil rights lawsuit. After 3 trials, 2 trips to the Court of Appeals and one trip to the California Supreme Court, the case ultimately settled.

Result: 7 Figure Settlement plus a published decision that set forth the measure of damages in a federal civil rights case filed in state court.

Client, a disabled person with a service dog, was wrongfully ejected from a mall by security guards because they claimed she was not blind and not entitled to have a service dog. Team Madrid filed a federal lawsuit against the mall and security company alleging American with Disability Act violations.

Result: Case settled. As part of the settlement, the security company, a national company, was ordered to provide training to all of their employees across the country on the Americans with Disability Act.

Client, a restaurant owner, was wrongfully accused of running a brothel and drug lab at her restaurant. Officer descended on her place without a warrant. Despite client’s protests and demands to see a search warrant, Officer forced disabled owner to ascend stairway to her second floor, which aggravated a pre-existing injury. Officer proceeded to search the residence and found nothing but empty storage rooms. Team Madrid filed federal civil rights lawsuit against officer, his department and City.

Result: Case settled.

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